Have you Ever?


For the Parent, be it current pending or hoping.

Have you ever felt something was missing?

A deep, instinctual desire? A passion and yearning. It troubles, excites and compels you every day. A simple idea that will change your entire world.

Have you ever made a decision?

Over a glass of wine, or a walk on the beach, a dinner in a restaurant or during a simple, soft cuddle in a warm, cosy bed?

Have you ever found disappointment, instead of achievement?

Have you tried and tried again, only to discover a constant negative, casting a shadow over you in the light of others leaping forward? Have you ever felt frustrated, fearful, envious and angry?

Have you ever been sad?

Have you ever been sat in a clinic, prodded and poked, examined and exposed?

Have you ever needed help that you wished you did not? Have you ever had to struggle, to put on a brave face every single monotonous day? Have you ever had to keep strong in a hard moment? Have you ever cried to hear the same result, the same failure, over and over?

Have you ever gasped, your heart beating strong like a loud hollow drum? Have you ever seen what you cannot believe, a small simple line that changes everything? Have you ever felt free’d, enthralled and empowered, proud and excited, nervous and alive? Have you ever watched the look on your lovers face, as you give them the news of a life so new, so fragile, so paramount?

Have you ever waited for a flutter, a touch, a press or a tug? Have you ever felt nervous, worried and concerned? Have you ever wished and hoped for everything to just be all-right?

Have you ever seen the most beautiful thing, jumping and wriggling on a black and white screen? Have you ever laughed or cried at the sight of a life, so simple, dependant and small? Have you ever felt amazed?

Have you ever felt a sudden sweep, kick or prod? Have you ever felt a rush so big the whole Earth moved? Have you ever ran to the side of your love and forced them to sit for an hour or more, just to see if it happens again, hand at the ready, heart on the edge?

Have you ever grown big, stretched and sore. Have you ever felt pain in places you’d never before? Have you ever been teary for no reason at all, hungry for things others can’t understand, and prone to consuming more than a little?

Have you ever felt a wait like no other, a matter of weeks that stretches on for an eternity? Have you ever felt unable to walk, sit or stand. Have you ever been miserable in a physical situation? Have you ever reminded yourself why it is worth it?

Have you ever felt pain, beginning slow, then overtaking your every muscle as you scream, cry and wish to escape for just a short time? Have you ever been relieved for a tiny moment, before cruelly thrown in once again, clenching your fists and grinding your teeth, enduring more than you ever had?

Have you ever met a child, unlike any other? Have you ever felt every emotion at once? Have you ever been both lost and found, in awe and in shock, ecstatic and immortalised? Have you ever seen a tiny face, small clasped hands and little curled feet? Have you ever been speechless?

Have you ever held a bundle so sweet, so fresh, perfect, real and true. Have you ever gone home smiling, forever to bond, grow and shine?

Have you ever had a fight. A journey with tubes, gloves, doctors and hard, sterile beds. A never ending wake and watch, hoping and wishing, asking only for luck. Fighting a battle and winning a war. Have you ever been so grateful to walk out a door, safe, package in capsule, ready to go home?

Have you ever instead felt loss? A pain so deep, a cut never healed? Have you ever wished it wasn’t true? Have you ever had to say goodbye? Have you ever faced the worst of fears?

Have you ever done it all, and walked away, complete. Or are you still to this day, writing this story?

Celebrate Woman, Mother, Fighter, Carer.

Celebrate Man, Father, Warrior, Shoulder.

Celebrate child, in all it’s purity.

Ki Wolf

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